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Why Our Students Chose Invictus Sixth Form

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Hear what one of our students has to say about Invictus Sixth Form. Below one of our year 13 students, Myla, wanted to share with you her thoughts on our sixth form:

Myla - Year 13 student at Invictus Sixth Form

When it came to having to leave my secondary school to find somewhere to study my A-levels, I wanted to find a place that cared about me as a person, where I wasn’t just a number on a piece of paper, somewhere that cared how I was getting on, and helped me if I was struggling.
I wanted to find a sixth form that had dedicated teachers who stood by their students, to put their best interests at heart, and assist in all ways possible. I really do believe Invictus Sixth Form encompassed all of this and so much more. I would never have imagined that there was such a place that would encourage me to strive for my goals even when they seem impossible, would support me even though I did not attend an Invictus secondary school, and a place that helps you so much for your steps into your future.
Invictus sixth form was the best choice for me to study my A-levels, it is a sixth form not just built on good results but also has an overwhelming ethos of kindness. So for those reasons and so many others it was definitely everything I was looking for and so much more.

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