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Invictus Futures Day!

Year 12 Invictus Sixth students kicked off an exciting day of learning with engaging workshops dedicated to crafting top-notch CVs and Personal Statements. With the help of @unifrog, students explored the importance of standing out from the crowd in today's competitive job market, and engaged in stimulating discussions that left them feeling confident and prepared for success.

During a break from the workshops, students were treated to an inspiring talk by our very own Psychology teacher, Miss Hart, who regaled the group with tales of her awe-inspiring travels across Africa and teaching experiences in Mexico. Her message about the value of taking risks and exploring the world during gap years was truly powerful and inspiring.

Later in the afternoon, students were given a range of options to choose from. Some decided to attend a Russell Group Webinar hosted by prestigious universities such as York, Glasgow, Sheffield and Leeds, which provided invaluable insight into what to expect from university and the application process. Others opted to listen to Sam Turton, one of our esteemed alumni now working at Walsall FC, as he shared his knowledge about applying for apprenticeships and what to expect during the first year.

The rest of the students had the opportunity to participate in live apprenticeships and job presentations. They were tasked with crafting compelling letters that showcased their suitability for the presented roles. Some students even had the chance to be interviewed by a panel in front of their peers, providing a valuable opportunity for all to observe and learn from one another.

Josh from Ellowes impressed us all with his professionalism and thoughtfulness during his interview for a Fitness Instructor role. Regan from Crestwood also shone, displaying impressive knowledge of current affairs and a clear passion for his field during his interview for a Degree Apprenticeship role in the Police.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our exceptional students for their enthusiastic participation throughout the day. It was a pleasure to watch them engage and learn, and we hope that they found this experience as valuable and inspiring as we did!

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