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CEO of Invictus Education Trust - Edward Vitalis


Invictus Sixth is a vibrant and aspirational Sixth Form. 


Through our innovative offer, our students are challenged by a range of high-quality courses, taught by our very best subject specialists in facilities that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best in the area. 

Our sixth form is, however, defined by more than just academic and vocational outcomes. We firmly believe that a strong sixth form provision should be underpinned by a broad enrichment programme, fantastic pastoral care and high-quality career advice.  

That is partnership that helps our students secure places at their first-choice universities, apprenticeships and employer. 


While we have forged our sixth form offer over a number of years, we also recognise that the world is changing. That is why we are constantly reviewing our sixth form provision, and are going through a process at the moment to enhance our offer further. 


We have high expectations of our students in every sense. Studying at Invictus Sixth Form is demanding and advanced level work can be challenging as well as exciting, rewarding and fun. You will be expected to work independently, manage your own time and balance the many demands placed upon you. 


If you find such a prospect attractive then it is likely that you will enjoy and gain enormously from becoming a student within Invictus Sixth Form. 

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