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Performing Arts Academy

Sheet Music

So, what will the academy look like from a student’s point of view?

• It will be free!

• Students will be able to access high quality arts education in a format which will lead to performances, workshops and extra exam qualifications in addition to what our extensive arts curriculum already caters for.

• The IPAA will initially have an unashamed Musical Theatre bias, but this will develop according to need and numbers in forthcoming years.

• IPAA sessions can be delivered through our highly experienced and qualified permanent staff as well as other industry professionals who will have an input on a range of different performance skills. Occasional staff will also include West End professionals as well as more local experts (vocal and dance coaches from the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for example).

• IPAA Students will have the opportunity to enter for Trinity College of London Performing Arts exams This will be paid for or at least subsidised by the Trust. Trinity exams are awarded on a grade 1-8 scale, with 8 being the most advanced.

• IPAA students will be able to earn their Invictus colours. This is a new concept (for us) but will roughly follow the university model of an award for meritorious work and the lower school model of sports ties etc. The lower of the two awards (Crimson) will be accessible to all Y10 and 11 students, while the higher award (Blue) will be only accessible to our sixth form students.

Below are the course guide videos for the academy and other performing arts specific courses, but remember, one of the benefits of studying with us is that you can chose from ANY of our courses whilst taking part in the academy!

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