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Invictus Sixth Form Students are Published Poets!

Recently, members of Invictus VI were invited to enter a nationwide poetry competition titled: Empowered. The competition gave students far and wide the opportunity to get creative and produce a poem about empowerment and its many forms.

The competition was fierce! However, we are delighted that three Invictus Sixth Form students were successful, and were chosen to be published.

A huge congratulations to: Lakeisha Grainger, Faizaan Rehman, and Laura Southall on their success!

The 3 poems can be found below, in the order they appear in the book, "Empowered":

You Are The Dad Of The Household Now

Dear little innocent me

this news shall not give you glee

But you now have the task to be

the dad of the household, I guarantee

You and your sister will take on this task

chugging pints of beer I ask

rolling a cigarette

whilst singing old-time songs, this is something that needs

to carry on

He's sadly gone to the paradise above

but don't fret! He will fit in like a glove

he left us in his sleep with no strife

he was ready to leave us to go on and thrive

You and your sister are the dad of the household now

Although this power that is given will be a challenge

You will do him proud

while he looks down on you with the rest of the lifeless crowd.

Laura Southall (17) Invictus Sixth Form - Crestwood School, Kingswinford

The Game


When it first happened,

We were five.

Cheerful? Maybe.

Happy? Maybe.


Playful! Playful...

"It is just a game." But what is the aim?

Five years - five bites.

Five years - five strikes.

Five years - five bleeds.

"Shut up and take it. You're like five beasts."


We were flying free...


No care, no worry,

Hakuna Matata, you whisper to me.

What a wonderful phrase!

Wonderful. Phrase.

Of course that is all it is

Of course there is no truth to it

Of course it happens again


Eight years - eight beats

Eight years - eight thumps

Eight years - eight lumps

Total defeat.

Next time it happens, it does not stop.

By this point, we lose track of time,

I think we are ten?

No, eleven.

No, twelve.



Weak. Defenceless. Thirteen.

What are we to do?

"Sit there and endure it!"


Thirteen years - thirteen scars

Thirteen years - thirteen screams

Thirteen years - thirteen broken dreams.

Pitiful teens.


It goes on and on and on,

I see no end to this

I feel nothing!

We cannot escape.


Sixteen traitorous years?

Sixteen torturous years!

We bleed, we suffer. We beg, we crumble.

But it is all in good fun,

until one of us is gone.

He was a puppeteer,

we were his puppets, that

he made sure to play with.


The end is closing in, all his entertainment slipping.

A choice to be made:

To live or to die,

You know the story,

He created the game!

Eighteen strikes for us?

Ha! Ha! I laugh in your face.


Revenge can be a bittersweet flavour

Taste it on your tongue, like I did many times on mine.

The blood, the anguish, the pain, the


Taste it!

Taste it!

Taste it!

Eighteen strikes for us?

I laugh. I laugh.


Forty-nine strikes for him.

And just like that,

The puppeteer

Became, the puppet.

I control the game.

Lakeisha Grainger (16) Invictus Sixth Form – Crestwood School, Kingswinford

The Serpent

Whenever she returned, she saw how inescapable life's gig


And wondered, when will this ever end?

But trust me little birdy there's something waiting for you

around each beguiling bend.

He slithered in so often,

Stealing shells simply for sport.

But he did more than just steal, he shattered

Dreams and hopes with his green-eyed gaze.

Escaping his watchful eye seemed so futile.

Because even as she fled through the mist and haze,

Slipping past the ferns and the foxes,

Flying higher and further and faster than ever before...

He returned.

Persistence couldn't begin to describe it,

The way he seemed to appear cast in mist,

Arriving with a mental knife ready to twist.

Something had to change,

That much was very clear.

But how can you escape if it resides so very near?

Drop it. Kill it. End it.

Don't give it the chance to take control of what is clearly


Break through that puny door: your new life is waiting pretty


Face it even if it hurts and reach the open frontier.

The once-powerful serpent who had total dominion,

Now lies shattered on the pavement, leaking its poisonous


While you stand tall, crushing its glass skull straight into the


Faizaan Rehman (16) Invictus Sixth Form - Crestwood School, Kingswinford

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