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Hear from our Prospective Students

We have asked a selection of our prospective students to share with your their post 16 thoughts and and why they have applied to Invictus Sixth Form. Below are some of the statements we received from students.

Maddie - Year 11 Student at Kinver High School

"I was apprehensive when going to the Invictus Open day as I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend the sixth form. However, after discovering the courses available and my potential with my chosen subjects, I am sure that I chose the right option for me, Kinver. I found it easy to talk to my teachers about what subjects I wanted to apply for, and the Stay in Learning Day at Kinver helped certify those subjects to study for Year 12 and 13."

Ravneet - Year 11 Student at The Khalsa Academy

"The last two years of pandemic have proved to be challenging for the world over and the one key element of the society that has suffered immensely is the education of children. The sudden onset of the pandemic saw academic institutes rushing around to cater for home learning, and during this period, I was very impressed to learn how Invictus Sixth and Invictus Education Trust at large had provided their students with virtual lessons. The level and quality of virtual lessons, care and thought of every individual student showed that Invictus Education Trust isn’t just an academic institute but a family that looks after each other. As I’m currently unsure of my career path, the wide variety of subjects on offer and the option to combine A-Levels and BTECs by Invictus Sixth, making learning more manageable, whilst opening doors to potential future careers. So, with this in mind, my chosen subjects of study are English Lang & Lit, Forensics & Criminology and Psychology. I was extremely pleased to learn that, after a successful interview, I had been offered an unconditional place with Invictus Sixth and equally happy to accept my place. I look forward to being part of Invictus Sixth and with the opportunities that I will be afforded, to be growing academically, personally and gaining the independence that one usually hopes for in sixth form."

Izzy - Year 11 Student at Kinver High School

"At first I didn't really consider Invictus as an option, but I changed my mind after I went to the Open Day because I saw lots of new courses that I didn't even know were offered. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do at A-level before, but after speaking to Mr Fox and other teachers I knew what courses they thought I would enjoy and be able to get good grades in. Now Invictus is definitely one of places I am considering."

You can start your application journey now by clicking the button below

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