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One Sixth Form, Six Campuses

One Sixth Form, Six Campuses

Invictus Sixth Form, launched in September 2016, is unique;  it is a brand new Post-16 choice for Year 11 students, while comprising staff and campus buildings based in six well-established and highly successful schools in Staffordshire and Dudley.

One of these six schools will act as your base campus and will be where you will study and socialise; you will also be  assigned to a personal tutor. While some of you may remain in your base campus for all of your  lessons, many of you will undertake lessons  away from your base campus; depending on your subject choice and availability. Transport will be provided free of charge for all students taking subjects away from their base campus.

Crestwood with Background.png

Staff at Crestwood Campus are delighted and proud to have a Sixth Form – the first post-16 provision at Crestwood since the early 1990s. Crestwood is a small school with big ambitions and this certainly applies to our new Sixth Form. Our campus offers familiar surroundings, small class sizes and outstanding teaching and learning. Being small has its benefits- our students receive the care and attention they deserve, which will help you to thrive and achieve.

Sixth Form tutors will offer you specialised advice on studying, revision, careers and universities. You will be encouraged from the very start to develop independence and to mature, being treated as a young adult.

At Crestwood, the new Sixth Form will have its own 6th form space in the school.

Opportunities outside the classroom will be numerous enrichment activities, include tutoring young students, work experience placements, classroom teaching-assistant roles and sporting activities.There will be organised social events for you to participate in and opportunities to develop further personal skills.

​At Ellowes Hall, our students have an established history of academic success which allows them to move successfully into higher education, further training or employment. In the past few years, the majority of students have progressed onto University degree courses but all students are offered the same level of support, regardless of their next steps. OFSTED ( 2012) judged Ellowes Hall’s dedicated and committed teaching staff to be ‘outstanding’ and these same teachers deliver the A-Level and BTEC subjects on offer.

​In addition to academic studies, Ellowes Hall Campus will provide you with an extensive enrichment programme which includes opportunities to become qualified lifeguards, mentors to lower school students and take part in foreign visits.

​The Sixth Form is housed in a separate building, comprising a newly-refurbished common room and outdoor seating area, a dedicated computer room and two classrooms.

​The Ellowes Hall tutor programme is also an important aspect of Sixth Form life and includes topics such as study skills; mock apprenticeship, job applications and interview processes; as well as UCAS applications for those wishing to pursue a degree course. Many guest speakers are also invited to Ellowes Hall campus delivering presentations on a range of topics from current affairs to potential career pathways.

We believe that we have a Sixth Form based on mutual respect and encourage our students to grow as individuals as they step closer to adult life.

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Kinver with Background.png

Kinver Sixth Form provides its students will excellent study facilities, notably a selection of computer suites, library access and a purpose- built common room.

An ethos of hard work is engendered through the use of supervised study, supported by an engaging Enrichment programme that ensures the holistic development of the student. We will also offer you organised leisure and sporting experiences.

One of the strengths of our Sixth Form is its tutor system. Each student has a tutor who provides support and guidance. The tutor helps to ensure that each student is making appropriate progress and also helps with applications for university and employment. There are termly reports AND consultations to ensure that both students and parents are well informed.

Class sizes are typically in the range of 5-20 students and these smaller class sizes allow for closer individual attention and support.

Choosing Kinver Sixth Form as a host campus will be the first step towards your academic success. You will be opting for high quality lessons, a comprehensive pastoral support system, exciting enrichment opportunities, and independence within a supportive framework.

Leasowes High School, now in its second year as part of the Invictus Sixth Form, to exhibit the same level of support to our Post-16 students – in teaching, learning and pastoral care – that our younger students in the school experience.

You will also have access to computers, study areas and a common room.

Our Sixth formers will be encouraged to be independent, to support each other and become role models for all younger members of the school community. The tutors will ensure that the students make appropriate progress in their chosen subjects and mentor and guide them to support making applications to university and employment. They will also be encouraged to engage in our Enrichment programme which includes sport and community -based projects.

Although newly-formed, our Sixth Form has gained the support from all Invictus schools. While benefitting from basing yourself at Leasowes, and being taught by teachers who are familiar to you, you will also profit from the expertise of all the schools in the Multi -Academy Trust.

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Pedmore White Background.png

The development of a Sixth Form at Pedmore is an extremely exciting opportunity for staff and students alike. This will be the first time in our history that our Post 16 students will be able to continue their education at Pedmore. We believe that ‘Ambition is Critical’ and the introduction of a Sixth Form as part of the Invictus Education Trust, is a further example of this.


Our campus will provide an education in familiar surroundings; with small class sizes and outstanding teaching and learning. However, being small has its benefits. As a student, you will receive the care and attention that you deserve from staff who already know you, enabling you to make excellent progression onto Higher Education.

You will also have the added benefit of a rich array of collaborative subjects across Invictus Sixth Form.

In addition to academic studies, Pedmore Campus will provide an extensive Enrichment programme which includes opportunities for you to become a qualified lifeguard or mentor to a lower school student.

As a student at Pedmore, you will be taught how to develop independent study skills, manage your own time and balance the many demands placed upon you.

One of the strengths of our Sixth Form is our tutor system. Each student will have a tutor who already knows them and will therefore be able to provide bespoke support and guidance. The tutor will also ensure that each student is making appropriate progress, as well as helping with applications for University and employment. As a student you (and your parents) will be kept informed about individual progress through a system of regular reports and consultation meetings.

Wombourne Sixth Form has a reputation for providing high quality education within a forward- looking and caring environment.  The Sixth Form is a thriving and integral part of the school and enables students to develop their independence, sense of identity and confidence as well as providing opportunities for leadership and personal development.

The Sixth Form has its own separate building with a comfortable common room and access to ICT and private study facilities. Small class sizes and specialist Sixth Form teaching provide our students with the individual support and challenge needed to flourish in their chosen subjects.

Our students are expected to develop independent study skills, manage their own time and balance the many demands placed upon them; life in the Sixth Form has proved to be very effective preparation for future success at university, higher level apprenticeships and in employment.

At Wombourne, staff recognise and value achievement within all aspects of Sixth Form life, whether it is in an academic, sporting, creative, personal or social context and provide a wealth of curriculum and enrichment opportunities to enable our students to fulfill their potential.

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