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Course Details 

Why choose this course?

A level Religious Studies is a wonderful course to study in its own right as well as a brilliant subject to bring balance to your selection of subjects. It asks the ultimate questions! Why are we here? How was the universe created? Is euthanasia right or wrong? Do miracles happen? Is Jesus the Son of God? You will study the great philosophers and their theories about how humans should live. Its skills of critical evaluation of the opinions/beliefs of others are widely respected in so many areas of higher education study and in so many professional arenas too. It can lead to a study of Theology at university, those who study Law respect its focus on right and wrong and those in the caring professions value its emphasis on real people and how they live.

Note: This course cannot be studied alongside A Level Philosophy

Course Content/Main Topics

The course is broken up into components. Component 1 is called Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and Component 2 is called Study of Religion and Dialogues. In component 1 you will study a diverse range of ethical issues (issues of right and wrong) and the theories of the great philosophers (such as Plato or Kant) as well. Everything from whether God exists to how animals should be treated.

In component 2 you will focus on Christianity. The key aspects are fascinating such as sources of wisdom and authority (the Bible, for example), religion and science and religion, gender and sexuality. A level Religious Studies might be called the oldest and the newest subject in the curriculum. One minute you are assessing the text of the bible and the next drawing examples from today’s news!

Careers and Higher Education

Degrees in Theology or Philosophy. Great link to degrees in Law and Politics. Regular way in to caring professions such as Nursing, Social work and teaching. Its people skills make it excellent for sales and marketing too.


A Level


The course is assessed by two written exams at the end of year 13.
Each exam is 3 hours long.

Entry Requirements

It is useful to have studied GCSE Religious Studies at GCSE level but this is not essential.

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