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Course Details 

Why choose this course?

The media affects us all and through this course you will be exposed to a whole range of media products that we encounter daily but also media products from the past and from other cultures.
An A Level in Media Studies provides you with the opportunity of hands-on practical work by developing your production work. The topics covered relate to every-day life and will increase your knowledge and understanding of how the media works and how it affects us. You will develop your enquiry, critical thinking and decision-making skills as well as developing your knowledge and understanding of contexts and critical media debates and issues that are pertinent in the current media landscape.

Course Content/Main Topics

The course looks at the theoretical framework when analysing media products. This includes: media language (how products are created); media representation (how people, groups and places are presented in the media); media industries (who creates media); media audiences (how target audiences are catered for and how the media affect us). Students will consider issues and debates in the media and will be expected to argue for / against various issues which affect us as consumers of media products.

In the non-exam assessment (coursework) students will be have to create two media products that are made for an intended audience. This will be based on a choice of topics provided by the exam board.

Careers and Higher Education

A Level Media Studies provides a good foundation for higher education and for further study of media-related courses. It is a great choice for people considering a career in the media.

Media Studies complements the study of Sociology, Psychology, English Language / Literature, Art, and Photography.


A Level


Two exams worth 35% each and a coursework task worth 30%.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English Language
Grade 6 in English Literature

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