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Why choose this course?

Mathematics is among the most useful and valued A Levels for any student who can cope academically with the subject.
The A Level is essential as a support for Engineering and is highly desirable for commerce-orientated courses, the Physical Sciences, Architecture, Banking and Finance; it is suitable
for potential medics and it is highly regarded by universities and employers. Mathematics can be taken with almost any combination of subjects, and it is recommended for students
who can benefit from the course, whatever their other A Levels.

Course Content/Main Topics

The A Level units consist of 2/3 Pure Mathematics (Core) and 1/3 Statistics & Mechanics (Applied).

Careers and Higher Education

Studying Mathematics helps you develop skills in logical thinking, problem-solving and decision making, which are valued by employers across many job sectors including accounting, medicine, engineering, finance, business consultancy, strategy, IT programming, design, construction and astrophysics to name a few.


A Level


The A Level units consist of 2/3 Pure Mathematics (Core) and 1/3 Statistics & Mechanics (Applied), which is assessed over 3 written examinations at the end of the two year course: 2 Core and 1 Applied.

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 or above in Maths GCSE

Contact Information

Mr I Nock - Director of Maths inock@invictus.education

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