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Course Details 

Why choose this course?

Students are able to develop a further understanding of British and world history in the 20th Century by studying A Level History.

We look to build on existing historical skills to further enhance students’ understanding of key eras that have shaped the world we live in today. Students with excellent written ability, and who are keen to explore different interpretations of the past are able to thrive in a supportive but educationally-challenging environment.

Students who are confident with long-essay writing and source analysis tend to be suited to the A Level course content, but they must also be willing to do independent reading to enhance their knowledge and understanding of both the British Empire, and Weimar and Nazi Germany.

A passion for History, alongside a determination to grow and develop as a historian are the foundations on which success is built upon at A Level. When combined with a talent for written communication, students can flourish in their study of History at Invictus Sixth Form.

Course Content/Main Topics

Year 12 HIS 1J – Rise of the British Empire HIS 2O – Weimar Germany
Year 13 HIS 1J – Collapse of the British Empire HIS 2O – Nazi Germany
Coursework – Anglo-Saxon & Norman England

Careers and Higher Education

Multiple career paths; Highly valued by employers and universities alike. Excellent for careers in Law, Politics, Journalism, Teaching, The Civil Service, Marketing, Accountancy and many other careers.


A Level


One exam for each module, each worth 40% of the final A Level grade.
Alongside this, students produce an independently researched long-essay worth 20% of the final A Level grade.

Entry Requirements

Students must have achieved a minimum of a Grade 6 in History at GCSE.
For students who did not take GCSE History, a minimum of a Grade 6 in English Language or English Literature at GCSE is required.

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