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Course Details 

Why choose this course?

Film Studies is an exciting and varied course which enables students to hone their analytical reading skills whilst experiencing a huge range of films – including: Buster Keaton’s silent movies and Casablanca; films from global cinema; independent and experimental films; modern Hollywood films such as La La Land. The course aims to encourage students to be active spectators of Film, rather than passive observers.

Course Content/Main Topics

Component 1 - Varieties of Film and Filmmaking
Component 2 - Global Filmmaking Perspectives
Component 3 - Production

Careers and Higher Education

Higher Education: Film Studies, Media, Journalism, teacher training, and many more. The skills developed in Film Studies overlap with those in many analytical and English-based courses, and the qualification is now recognised by both Oxford and Cambridge University.
Career Opportunities: Film Studies opens doors for careers in the Film, Media and Television industries, as well as marketing and advertising, and many more.


A Level


Component 1: Hollywood, American, and British Film since 1930 – Examination – 35% of the total qualification.
Component 2: Global Film, and Film Movements– Examination – 35% of the total qualification.
Component 3: Production – either a short film*, or a screenplay for a short film, with an accompanying evaluation – 30% of the total qualification.
*Please note: For the short film production, students will be required to use their own cameras (providing the quality is suitable, this can include their mobile phone or tablet)

Entry Requirements

At least a Grade 5 in English Language, English Literature, or Film Studies

Contact Information

Mrs A. Bourne - Lead Teacher of Film

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