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Course Details 

Why choose this course?

The A Level in Drama and Theatre qualification offers a practical and challenging course of study which will enable you to develop and apply an informed, analytical framework for making, performing, interpreting and understanding drama and theatre.

The course will help to create independence, confidence, critical thinking and effective decision-making – all personal attributes that will support you to progress through your education and into employment.
The exciting and inspiring curriculum will ignite and engage creativity, passion and interests, providing the experience of a range of opportunities to develop theatre, both published text-based and devised work.
It is crucial that you are prepared to put in your own time; watching theatre productions, carrying out research, learning lines and rehearsing for performances. The course enhances skills in creativity and performance, technical skills and there are opportunities for you to watch dynamic and engaging professional work in the industry.

Course Content/Main Topics

Component 1 - Devising: 40% of the qualification. Internally Assessed and Externally Moderated.
You will devise an original performance piece using one key extract from a performance text and a theatre practitioner as stimuli. There are two parts to the assessment:
(1) Portfolio to evidence your research, collaborative development and the devising process itself
(2) The devised performance/design realisation

Component 2 - Text in Performance: 20% of the qualification. Externally Assessed.
You will perform two extracts to a visiting examiner.
(1) A group performance/design realisation of one key extract from a performance text
(2) A monologue or duologue performance/design realisation from a different performance text

Component 3 - Theatre Makers in Practice: 40% of the qualification. Written Examination. 2 hours 30 minutes.
This examination will focus on your understanding of theatre; this will be based on set texts studied and a live performance.
Section A: Live Theatre Evaluation
Section B: Page to Stage: Realising a Performance Text Section C: Interpreting a Performance Text.

Careers and Higher Education

The study of A Level Drama paves the way to a wide range of career possibilities, including those involving public speaking and presenting, leadership and management, group co-operation and interaction, performing and communicating, teaching and learning, problem solving and investigation, and analysis and evaluation. This qualification provides a strong foundation for students to progress to Higher Education and equips learners for progression into the workplace. Students will have the skills required to experience Drama and Theatre at University or enrol onto a vocational training programme at a Drama school or within the Performing Arts Industry.

Job sectors include: Education/Performance/ Theatre Production/ Drama Therapy/Community Arts/Film and TV.


A Level


Component 1 - Devising: 80 marks
(1) A portfolio (60 marks, 40 marks assessing AO1 and 20 marks assessing AO4)
(2) The devised performance/design realisation (20 marks, assessing AO2)

Component 2 - Text in Performance: 60 marks
Group performance/design realisation: worth 36 marks.
Monologue or duologue/design realisation: worth 24 marks.

Component 3 - Theatre Makers in Practice: 80 marks
Section A: Live Theatre Evaluation - 20 marks
Section B: Text in Performance - 36 marks
Section C: Theatre Makers in Practice - 24 marks

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Drama and English or BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting) at Merit, if studied.

An audition may also be required.

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