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Why choose this course?

Have you ever wondered Why Adele and Andy Murray earn more than the Prime Minister? Why Woolworths went bust even though it was profitable? Why news media put so much stress on interest rates? How Primark can sell clothes so cheaply? Why the PlayStation4 was launched with bugs in the system?
Our A Level Business qualification stimulates and encourages students’ interest in how business works. It fosters an understanding of business operations in a variety of contexts and helps students develop a range of relevant generic skills and ways of thinking. It is not just a theoretical subject, it is about real life. This combination of academic challenge and practical focus makes the prospect of studying A Level Business highly appealing.

Course Content/Main Topics

Information to follow.

Careers and Higher Education

A level Business is an excellent base for a university degree, especially degrees in business, management, human resources, accountancy, law, finance, philosophy, politics and economics, sociology and psychology. Careers with a business degree are diverse and have high earning potential. A range of career possibilities including banking, insurance, advertising, distribution, sales, accounting, law, education, central or local government and business consultancy. Business skills, which touch on every part of our modern society, are in high demand worldwide and are often well paid.


A Level


3 x 2 hour exams (taken at the end of the course). Each paper totals 33.3% of the A Level based on case studies of three real businesses (one small/local, one medium/national and one large/ international).

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 or above in English Language and Maths

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