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Welcome to Art & Design (Photography Specialism)

Course Details 

Why choose this course?

This course specialises in Fine Art Photographic Media and Technologies. Students are required to have a background in Art and Design as it is taught in a similar way. Students develop skills in using manual camera settings and photographic editing software to explore themes and concepts, and develop confidence in responding to critical and contextual studies. Students work independently and receive the highest quality assessment and personal feedback to help them achieve their very best standard of work. A high level of independent learning is required for this course as some of the photography happens outside of school, depending on chosen themes. Access to a DSLR camera is vital in achieving conceptual and creative photography.

Course Content/Main Topics

Information to follow.

Careers and Higher Education

Students can continue in higher education on a wide variety of courses from Art, Graphics, Photography, Fashion, Theatre Set Design, Website/ Game Design, TV, or Film related courses, and many more. Alternatively students could enter the world of work including Free-Lance Photography, Graphics, Interior Design and Promotions.


A Level


Unit 1: Portfolio: In Year 12 you complete a portfolio based on a set theme, with personal choice elements, culminating
in an internal 10 hour exam. DSLR Camera techniques are taught in the first term, which includes altering ‘Depth of Field’ through Aperture control and ‘Long Exposures’ and ‘High Speed’ photography through Shutter speed control. Photoshop is then taught, alongside other more craft based post-production editing techniques.
The final A level coursework portfolio is then completed based on a personal theme, using many of the techniques explored in the first term. This is worth 60% of the final A Level, with no time limit. This has a written element of up to 3000 words. A sketchbook of art history analysis, photo shoots development edits and final photographic presentations is presented alongside a series of final pieces.
Unit 2: External Task: A question is selected from the pre- release paper and a sketchbook of preparatory studies based on photographic technologies and techniques, research and art history is completed. The 15 hour final exam is completed and marked alongside the preparatory work, this is worth 40% of final A Level. This is a 3 month unit of work.

Entry Requirements

Students’ must have studied Art and Design at GCSE level and achieved at least a Grade 6 in Art and Design.

Contact Information

Mrs. K. Jarman - Head of Creative Arts

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