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We have a fully functioning recording studio and use Logic Pro 10 on iMac computers. Even if you do not have any experience using Apple computers this will not be a problem as the first few weeks ensure that everybody is on a level playing field.We use a range of different microphones including Shure,AGK and Audio Technica.
You will also have the opportunity to branch out from the set curriculum and specification to work on live shows. There will be trips to commercial studios. This experience will be vital towards a future career in Music Technology.

Course Content/Main Topics

Information to follow.

Careers and Higher Education

Music Technology can lead to many different career avenues and higher education. Some careers may include:
• Mixing Engineer
• Recording Engineer
• Music Producer
• Film Foley Artist
• Live Sound Engineer


A Level


Component 1 - Recording Coursework (20%)
Production tools and techniques to capture, edit, process and mix an audio recording. One recording, chosen from a list of 10 songs provided by Pearson, consisting of a minimum of five compulsory instruments and two additional instruments.
Component 2 - Composition Coursework (20%)
Creating, editing, manipulating and structuring sounds to produce a technology-based composition. One technology- based composition chosen from three briefs set by Edexcel Synthesis and sampling/audio manipulation and creative effects use must be included.
Component 3 - Listening and Analysing Examination (25%)
1 hour 30 minutes.
Knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques and principles.
Application of knowledge related to all three areas of study:
• Recording and production techniques for both corrective and creative purposes
• Principles of sound and audio technology
• The development of recording and production technology
Component 4 - Producing and Analysing Examination (35%)
2 hours 15 minutes.
Similar to component 3 in content, however this is more of a practical application within Logic Pro software.
All work is externally assessed.
Due to the new structuring of A Levels, these components will be completed and handed in at the end of the two year course.

Entry Requirements

Playing an instrument is a must. Keyboard skills are advantageous. GCSE music is preferable.

Contact Information

Mr P Wingate - Director of Performing Arts

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