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Why choose this course?

Applied Science is a course that aims to give you the practical skills to work within the Science industry. The course is built around investigative skills and putting Scientific knowledge into practice. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability and skill across a wide range of disciplines and in a variety of ways.
This course supports you in becoming more independent in terms of developing your research and time management skills. In addition, it helps to improve the quality of your written communication through the completing of assignments. This is a key skill valued by Universities in terms of further education.

Course Content/Main Topics

Unit 1
Principle and Applications of Science 1
Unit 2
Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques
Unit 3
Science Investigative Skills
Options unit – a range of optional units are available across the different disciplines

Careers and Higher Education

Students that study Applied Science often go on to careers such as nursing, veterinary nursing, environmental science and as a laboratory technician. It will also count towards UCAS points for further study.


BTEC Level 3


Unit 1 and Unit 3: externally assessed units (examinations) and account for 58% of the final grade
Unit 2: the optional unit are internally assessed units (coursework) and account for 42% of the final grade.
Depending on your attainment in each unit, you will be awarded a grade which will be combined with the other units to give your overall grade at the end of the course.

Entry Requirements

2x Grade 5 in Science. Grade 4 in English Language. Grade 4 in Mathematics

Contact Information

Mr. M. Lee - Head of Science mlee@kinverhigh.co.uk

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